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The next project was regarding environmentally friendly fashion.

Discovering ways of creating garments that are considered ‘Eco’ and the importance of creating awareness of ecological methods available within the fashion industry, such as:

  • The use of natural dyes as apposed to synthetic dyes which cause serious damage to the environment.
  • Using materials like fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles etc.

After researching into environmentally friendly fashion and the methods that can be used to create both stylish & Eco clothing I found “Junky Styling

A company founded in 1997 by two self taught designers Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager who were traveling students who were inspired by the resourcefulness of the people in Vietnam and Thailand at creating recycled garments. On returning to London they were inspired to recycle clothes for themselves. Taking old mens suits (bought from second hand shops) and turning them into experimental pinstripe and tweed creations to wear to London Clubs in the early 90’s – they were quickly commissioned to make outfits for friends which lead to a market stall in Kensington Market.

Junky very quickly outgrew the market stall and acquired a boutique just off East London’s Brick Lane and this has remained the hub of Junky up until today.

Junky is an innovative design-led label. All garments are made from second hand clothing, which is deconstructed, re-cut and transformed.

There unique designs were described by Vogue as ‘high fashion street couture’.

Their work consists of the ‘Wardrobe Surgery’ service, where customers bring their own clothes in for transformation, an internationally stocked women’s ready-to-wear collection, bespoke creations for special occasions, and experimental off-the-peg pieces out of their East End store.

what I like most about this method is that no two garments are the same! Each is completely unique!

After researching I created another 6 designs built around using recycled garments which will be deconstructed re-cut / shaped and transformed into custom clothing.

Going back a while here but I’m going to try to include as much as I can;

As part of my enrolment I was set a project to complete prior to an interview.

I was handed a brief instructing me to:

Research high-street fashion retailers and make a record of garment detail,

colour and trends in the stores.

Produce an A3 mood-board.

Using the reasearch, design a range of 6 outfits.

These are my designs:

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